Child Resistant Packaging Offers Safety Solution

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Packaging Resources stays abreast of industry trends and informs our customers of products they may want to consider. This month we focus on customer safety when it comes to packaging in manufacturing, specifically child-proofing safety measures. From laundry detergent to harmful pesticides, child resistant (CR) track and sliders have become a recent rising trend in the industry. This technological innovation has developed into the perfect solution for any child resistant packaging needs.

When it comes to flexible packaging, CR sliders have taken command of the industry by proving their capacity to adapt. The trending sliders are masterful in their ability to child-proof a wide array of common household items. From pharmaceuticals to lawn fertilizer, child resistant packaging offers staying power in almost every area of any home.

CR sliders are reshaping the landscape for youth packaging safety, and are currently designed to meet the legal requirements of child resistance in the United States. Proudly listed on the ASTM D3475 standards for child resistant packaging, CR track and sliders are cost effective and ergonomically easy to use while also using less materials than alterative child resistant packaging options.

As always, we are committed to finding solutions to your packaging needs – and providing the personalized service and global resources that you’ve come to expect from us. We look forward to helping you stay informed about the rapidly evolving packaging industry so that you can better serve your customers!