This Month’s Plant Spotlight:  Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Packaging Resources is proud to act as a manufacturing matchmaker for our customers, connecting you with the packaging solutions that will best suit your needs. Our expansive offerings are diverse, stretching across multiple industries and multiple states. In the Great Lakes region, our Grand Rapids, Michigan plant happens to be a leading specialist in the food-manufacturing sector. With almost two decades of expertise in manufacturing, we can ensure your food packaging is not only appealing, but most importantly, safe and secure for consumers.

Specializing in bag inserter film, our Grand Rapids plant uses custom machines to extrude polyethylene film into made-to-measure bags, which are then inserted into boxes, crates and every container in between. Regarded as one of the highest quality manufacturing plants of inserter film in the US, our Grand Rapids plant delivers proven consistency, machine-ability and on-time delivery. As an approved supplier for bag inserter machine manufacturers like Pattyn North America, Pearson Packaging Systems, OK International Corp. and K&R Equipment, Inc. we understand the importance of consistent quality films. Our ability to work within tough, technical specifications makes the film we produce of the highest quality. It’s within these technical applications that we truly edge out our competition. Along with custom bags, the plant manufactures custom sheets, tubing and other converted products for a wide range of packaging needs. The plant is also a ‘Grade AA’ BRC (British Retail Consortium) packaging certified manufacturer, meaning it meets all the global legislative requirements for food safety.

As always, we are committed to finding solutions for your packaging needs, while providing the personalized service and global resources that you’ve come to expect from us. We look forward to helping you stay informed about the rapidly evolving packaging industry so that you can better serve your customers!