Bulk Bags

Packaging Resources, Inc. offers a range of FIBC components, finished goods, and other semi-bulk packaging products to our clients, some of which are noted below.


  • Circular, U-Panel, 4 Panel
  • Baffle Bags
  • UN Bags (Packaging Groups I, II, III)
  • Multi-Trip Bags “Green”
  • Type B, C, Dplus

Liners & FIBC Internals

  • LDPE, HDPE, EVOH, Nylon
  • Form, Baffle/Gambo
  • FDA Approved
  • Co-extruded Multi-Layer Film
  • Liquid Valve Equipped
  • Anti-Static: Semi-Perm & Permanent
  • Conductive Type C
  • Aluminum Gas & Vapor Barriers
  • Sewn PP Liners: 4 Panel, Baffles

Printing Capabilities

  • Up to Four Colors on PP Fabrics


  • Type A FIBC
  • Type B FIBC
  • Type C FIBC
  • Type D FIBC
  • For industrial, food manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries