Bulk Bags: The Chameleon of the Packaging Industry

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Packaging Resources’ manufacturing endeavors have grown on a global scale to better meet the needs of our customers. Whether our packaging partners are across the street or across the ocean, our collective efforts ensure our customers receive the highest caliber packaging solutions at the lowest possible cost.

Two of our state-of-the-art production facilities in China specialize in the creation of FIBCs (flexible intermediate bulk containers), or bulk bags that serve a multitude of purposes in numerous industries. Bulk bags have been in use since the 1980s when they were developed in Europe. Since then, FIBCs have been widely adopted in industrial markets worldwide. Our bulk bags are made of woven polypropylene, but we can also add various types of liners to go inside the bag. These liners are made from polyethylene, foil, and other types of barrier films. With boots on the ground at both facilities, Packaging Resources is able to provide quality control to ensure our customers always receive the best products.

Extremely versatile in their usage, bulk bags are highly employed in the commercial food industry for storage and transport of bulk food products and ingredients. Bulk bags have also proven highly cost-effective as their flexible structure can hold thousands of pounds of food although made of lightweight materials. All bulk bags made specifically for the food industry are made with FDA-approved materials in food-safe environments to eliminate any chance of contamination. Bulk bags are also widely used for industrial products like powders, resins, chemicals, fertilizers, seed and more! Our manufacturing capabilities include all types of FIBC’s including Type A, Type B, Type C (Conductive bags) and Type D (Crohmiq Blue bags).

As always, Packaging Resources is committed to finding solutions for your packaging needs by providing the personalized service and global resources that you’ve come to expect from us. We look forward to helping you stay informed about the rapidly evolving packaging industry, so that you can better serve your customers!